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What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is basically an adapted form of traditional Pilates that can be used to control and reduce pain and assist recovery from injury. The progressions of the exercises are slower and more controlled so as to avoid aggravation of any injury or pain. However, they are still wonderfully effective in strengthening the body and can be used for general strength and toning.

Clinical Pilates uses current physiotherapy research to target and strengthen the body’s deep stabilising muscles, including the abdominals, lower back and the deep muscles of the neck and shoulder. This research has shown that strengthening these key areas can improve posture, balance, increase core muscle and spinal stability, enhance performance and importantly prevent recurrent injuries.  It is only offered by a physiotherapist or clinical Pilates instructor and is suitable for use in many clinical settings including, women’s health, orthopaedics, sports, neurological or paediatric settings.

What is traditional Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates approximately 60 years ago. It uses specific exercises to strengthen the body’s stabilising muscles, to improve core strength, posture, balance and overall body awareness. The movements are much more ballistic in nature and incorrect application can exacerbate certain injuries.

Pilates timetable

Mon 7.00pm - Clinical Pilates (Beg to Intermediate)
Mon 8.05pm - Clinical Pilates (Beg to Intermediate)
Wed 10.00am - Ladies only Clinical Pilates
Wed 7.00pm - Clinical Pilates (Intermediate)
Wed 8.05pm- Clinical Pilates (Beginner)
Saturday 8.00am - Ante-Natal and Post Natal Pilates 



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